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Khodorkovsky, Russian and Eastern European dissidents

YouTube-icon 2432 Countries with the worst human rights records (Russia, which is considered a wealthy, white European country should not be on this list).

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The following is information regarding Russia's political prisoners in general. Khodorkovsky has been "freed" - more like exiled to me - because he is more of a problem for Putin in jail than out. This is not a gesture of compassion; Putin hasn’t a drop of compassion in him.

The following are books about and by Khodorkovsky in different languages:
book-open-icon My Fellow Prisoners

Khodorkovsky on Facebook:
social-facebook-24 Cyril Tuschi’s documentary on Khdorkovsky (Facebook)

social-facebook-24 Khodorkovsky Communications Center

social-facebook-24 Mikhail Khodorkovsky

One Yukos employee, Alexei Pichugin, still remains in jail; accused of murder, he refused to go against his boss Khodorkovsky to cooperate with the pro-Putin clan. He has been sentenced to life imprisonment and won't give in to Putin. A biographical essay (Russian) is available and there are also photos . Journalist Valeriy Shiryaev has written a book on Pichugin’s case “Trial of Vengeance"(English). Incidentally, during his interrogation Pichugin was administered truth-serum and he still had nothing to say.

Categories-applications-internet-iconThe warrant for the arrest of Nevzlin - co-owner of Yukos - has been cancelled by Interpol on the grounds it was politically motivated, most likely by Putin & Co.

The following are some respected Human Rights Organizations in Russia; NGO’s are having a very difficult time under Russia's present leader:
(In Russian and English)

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YouTube-icon 24Valeriya Novodvorskaya, fearless Putin critic; her last statement.
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Categories-applications-internet-iconLife and Death of a Russian Freedom Fighter
Categories-applications-internet-iconMarina Sal’ye, another Putin critic (her documents)
Categories-applications-internet-iconMarina Sal’ye’s documents on facebook

YouTube-icon 24Documentary banned by Putin  (published Apr. 26, 2012)