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YouTube-icon 2432 Countries with the worst human rights records (Russia, which is considered a wealthy, white European country should not be on this list).

Categories-applications-internet-iconGenocide Watch
Categories-applications-internet-iconNatural disasters and extreme weather | World news | The Guardian

Categories-applications-internet-iconGlobal Conflict Tracker
Categories-applications-internet-iconHuman Trafficking Facts | Sex Slavery and Trafficking | Soroptimist
Categories-applications-internet-iconForced labour, human trafficking and slavery (Forced labour, human trafficking and slavery)
Categories-applications-internet-iconRefugees and IDPs
Categories-applications-internet-iconUnrepresented Nations and Peoples' Organization
Categories-applications-internet-iconWorldwide Missing People
Categories-applications-internet-iconLost Pets International
Categories-applications-internet-iconInternational Missing Pet Recovery Mobile Network – FindLost24
Categories-applications-internet-iconPetLynx - The SuperNET for Pets and People
Categories-applications-internet-iconThe following, ACTU Animaux - Urgences is an animal charity which requires you to click five times on a red dot to help an animal. The list of animals here urgently need your help

First Nations in North America are right to be worried about the pipelines. The land is their livelihood; "what can go wrong will go wrong" rings true:
Exxon Valdez Oil Spill (Documentary)
Exxon Valdez (Docudrama)

Deepwater Horizon Documentary (Stephen Fry)

Categories-applications-internet-icon Venture West Native Arts - BC Native Art - Jewellery, Carvings
Categories-applications-internet-icon Canadian Native American Art Gallery : Masks, Jewellery, Carvings, Prints
Categories-applications-internet-icon Native Art Jewelry Canada - David Neel Kwakiutl

First Nations (Haida) designer, (also designs available for men):
Categories-applications-internet-icon Dorothy Grant - Haida Artist Dorothy Grant Has set new goals and artistic directions

Haida Art (First Nations British Columbia, Canada):
Bill Reid:

Categories-applications-internet-icon Bill Reid Foundation
Categories-applications-internet-icon Haida Artist Robert Davidson
Categories-applications-internet-icon Richard Adkins, Haida artist > Spirit Wrestler Gallery

wikipedia-icon Sami people - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Categories-applications-internet-icon Saami Council | Sámiráđđi | Samerådet | Saamelaisneuvosto | Sami Council tel/phone +358-16-677351 | fax +358-16-677353
Categories-applications-internet-icon Saami Jewels Lapland Finland Suomi - WULFLUND, historical shop
Categories-applications-internet-icon Tolstoy and the Doukhobors
Categories-applications-internet-icon roma gypsies - Google Search
Categories-applications-internet-icon Roma and Gypsies - Around the World

Categories-applications-internet-icon Aboriginal trackers -
wikipedia-icon Ted Egan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Categories-applications-internet-icon Ted Egan - I have been writing and recording songs, filming and writing about the Australian people

Categories-applications-internet-icon imagineNATIVE

Categories-applications-internet-icon Home | Urban Rez

Categories-applications-internet-icon Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change | IsumaTV

Categories-applications-internet-icon The Government of Canada's Approach to Implementation of the Inherent Right and the Negotiation of Aboriginal Self-Government

Categories-applications-internet-icon Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

Categories-applications-internet-icon Virtual Summit on H1N1 in First Nations Communities
Categories-applications-internet-icon Sommet Virtuel sur le H1N1 dans les communautés des Premières nations

Categories-applications-internet-icon Welcome from The First Nations Summit

Categories-applications-internet-icon The Indian Group of Seven and the birth of the Woodlands School of Art

wikipedia-icon Freda Diesing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Indigenous Peoples literature:

Categories-applications-internet-icon Welcome to Indigenous Peoples Literature
Categories-applications-internet-icon First Nations Seeker - Indian Tribes - Native Americans


Categories-applications-internet-icon NativeWeb

Categories-applications-internet-icon Main Page - NativeWiki

wikipedia-icon Louis Riel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

North American Indian Information and Trade Center:

Categories-applications-internet-icon American Indian World's Fair and Pow-Wow

Pre-Columbian Latin America, Mainly in Spanish:
Categories-applications-internet-icon Arqueologia Andina y Tiwanaku Andean and Tiwanaku Archaeology
Categories-applications-internet-icon Native American Indian Heritage Month

Categories-applications-internet-icon - Native American Topics -Native American Indian Tribes - Over 2,000 articles on native american indians, their culture & traditions.
Categories-applications-internet-icon We Shall Remain | American Experience | PBS

Unrepresented Nations and Peoples:
Categories-applications-internet-icon UNPO - Home

Video Empowers Human Rights Activists

Categories-applications-internet-iconNakamata Campaign (Philippines)
Categories-applications-internet-iconDalit Freedom Network
Categories-applications-internet-iconThe Buryat
Categories-applications-internet-iconBaloch Human Rights Council
Categories-applications-internet-iconOfficial Website of BSO-Azad
Categories-applications-internet-iconUyghur Human Rights
Categories-applications-internet-iconArakan Rohingya Organisation
Categories-applications-internet-iconMeijlis of the Crimean Tatar People

wikipedia-icon Overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
wikipedia-icon Native Hawaiians - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
wikipedia-icon Kingdom of Hawaii - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Categories-applications-internet-icon Tibet
Categories-applications-internet-icon Free Tibet

Categories-applications-internet-iconIn Tibet and Uyghur Regions, Internet Blackouts Are the Norm

For some in the Chinese Government, the fact that the Chinese occupied Tibet  (Ming and Qing dynasties) is a good enough excuse to be there now:

Categories-applications-internet-icon History of Tibet
Categories-applications-internet-icon Alphabetical listing of Tibet Support Groups
Categories-applications-internet-icon Chinese support for Tibet
Categories-applications-internet-icon Chinese Democratic Party to Support Tibet
Categories-applications-internet-icon Chinese Solidarity with Tibetan People

Categories-applications-internet-icon Home - European Council on Refugees and Exiles
Categories-applications-internet-icon Tolstoy and the Doukhobors