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YouTube-icon 2432 Countries with the worst human rights records (Russia, which is considered a wealthy, white European country should not be on this list).

Categories-applications-internet-iconGenocide Watch
Categories-applications-internet-iconNatural disasters and extreme weather | World news | The Guardian

Categories-applications-internet-iconGlobal Conflict Tracker
Categories-applications-internet-iconHuman Trafficking Facts | Sex Slavery and Trafficking | Soroptimist
Categories-applications-internet-iconForced labour, human trafficking and slavery (Forced labour, human trafficking and slavery)
Categories-applications-internet-iconRefugees and IDPs
Categories-applications-internet-iconUnrepresented Nations and Peoples' Organization
Categories-applications-internet-iconWorldwide Missing People
Categories-applications-internet-iconLost Pets International
Categories-applications-internet-iconInternational Missing Pet Recovery Mobile Network – FindLost24
Categories-applications-internet-iconPetLynx - The SuperNET for Pets and People
Categories-applications-internet-iconThe following, ACTU Animaux - Urgences is an animal charity which requires you to click five times on a red dot to help an animal. The list of animals here urgently need your help

Categories-applications-internet-icon Stratfor - Global Inelligence News & Analysis
Categories-applications-internet-icon Learn about nonviolent conflict and civil resistance

Categories-applications-internet-icon No. 728: Death of Lavoisier

Categories-applications-internet-icon Singapore Dissident: The Lee Kuan Yew family owns the Republic of Singapore and every one in it! Examine the facts.
Serengeti are being kicked out of their land:
Categories-applications-internet-icon Afghans Mourn Slain Top Peace Negotiator -
Categories-applications-internet-icon Israeli sets himself on fire

Categories-applications-internet-icon Mohamed Bouazizi

Rabbis for Human Rights:


Brzezinski about the possible consequences of a war with Iran:


Categories-applications-internet-icon Family in Pakistan attacked, terrorized for refusing to carry out 'honor killing' - Jihad Watch

YouTube-icon 24 YouTube - freedom4expression's Videos
Categories-applications-internet-icon - Discrimination Against Women and Child Abuse in Arab states and Iran
Categories-applications-internet-icon Human Trafficking & Modern-day Slavery - Haiti
wikipedia-icon Moustapha Akkad - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Categories-applications-internet-icon Beheading in the Name of Islam :: Middle East Quarterly
Categories-applications-internet-icon Woman beheaded for refusing to be a prostitute

(Her mother-in-law was involved)

Female Genital Cutting: 

Categories-applications-internet-icon FGC Education and Networking Project


Categories-applications-internet-icon Biography of Martyred Meena, RAWA's founding leader
Categories-applications-internet-icon Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
Categories-applications-internet-icon RAWA News
Categories-applications-internet-icon RAWA
Categories-applications-internet-icon RAWA News >> Photo Gallery

Categories-applications-internet-icon Afghanistan | Refugees International
Categories-applications-internet-icon Afghan journalist shot dead in her bed - World -
wikipedia-icon Zahra Kazemi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Margaret Hassan opposed the Iraqi war:

wikipedia-icon Margaret Hassan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Categories-applications-internet-icon BBC NEWS | UK | Profile: Margaret Hassan

Honor killings - whatever that means (your-tube videos) :
YouTube-icon 24 YouTube - Honor killings

Categories-applications-internet-icon Was Ahmet Yildiz the victim of Turkey's first gay honour killing? - Europe, World - The Independent

Categories-applications-internet-icon Prime Minister Rafic Hariri - The Official Web Site
Categories-applications-internet-icon Orthodox rabbis sign statement supporting gays | JTA - Jewish & Israel News

Yoani Sanchez:
Categories-applications-internet-icon Generation Y

wikipedia-icon Cyber-bullying - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Categories-applications-internet-icon Bully OnLine: bullying in the workplace, school, family and community, action you can take, stress, psychiatric injury, PTSD, resources, case histories, news and contact the media

Categories-applications-internet-icon Phoebe Prince, 15, Commits Suicide After Onslaught of Cyber-Bullying From Fellow Students - True Crime Report

wikipedia-icon Suicide of Megan Meier - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Categories-applications-internet-icon Verdict in MySpace Suicide Case -

Categories-applications-internet-icon JUSTICE FOR JASSI! Petition
Categories-applications-internet-icon Jaswinder Sidhu (Now Playing "The Murdered Bride") on Myspace

Her mother MALKIAT KAMUR and uncle SURJIT SINGH BADESHA ordered her killing.
Categories-applications-internet-iconMalkiat Kamur and Surjit Singh Badesha finally extradited from Canada

wikipedia-icon Murder of Reena Virk - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Under the Bridge:


Categories-applications-internet-icon Mob Mentality

Categories-applications-internet-icon Pack mentality
Categories-applications-internet-icon “Herd” Mentality Explained | Psych Central News
Categories-applications-internet-icon Meredith Kercher | World news | The Guardian
Categories-applications-internet-icon BBC News - Profile: Meredith Kercher
Categories-applications-internet-icon meredith kercher - Google Search

Categories-applications-internet-icon Gangs blamed in northern teen's death

Categories-applications-internet-icon Derrion Albert, 16, Beaten To Death In 'Mob Action'

Categories-applications-internet-icon Minute's silence for murder victim, public transport at a standstill | Germany | Deutsche Welle | 16.09.2009
wikipedia-icon École Polytechnique massacre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Categories-applications-internet-icon REMEMBERING THE MONTREAL WOMEN
Categories-applications-internet-icon Honouring the victims of the Montreal Massacre
Categories-applications-internet-icon IANSA the international voice against gun violence

Elizabeth Badinter:

wikipedia-icon Élisabeth Badinter - Wikipédia
wikipedia-icon Élisabeth Badinter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Categories-applications-internet-icon - Elisabeth Badinter distorts feminism the better to fight it

Categories-applications-internet-icon In the war on breast cancer, Israel leads | JTA - Jewish & Israel News
Categories-applications-internet-icon Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation: Breast Cancer Awareness, Support and Charity
Categories-applications-internet-icon Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Our favo(u)rite cancer ad:

 YouTube-icon 24 YouTube - The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation : In Our Lifetime

(From “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” and “Rachel Maddow Show”) National Association of Free Clinics:

Categories-applications-internet-icon Ciudad Juarez, Mexico's murder rate becomes world's highest - Wikinews, the free news source
wikipedia-icon Female homicides in Ciudad Juárez - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Categories-applications-internet-icon Global Disaster Watch

Medecins Sans Frontieres / Doctors Without Borders - MSF Canada

Categories-applications-internet-icon GlobalMedic
Categories-applications-internet-icon Google Crisis Response
Categories-applications-internet-icon roma gypsies - Google Search

Tiananmen veteran dies:
Categories-applications-internet-icon Harry Wu: Illuminating China's Dark Secrets

Political Prisoner Database: 

Categories-applications-internet-icon CECC PPD
Categories-applications-internet-icon Liu Xiaobo - Biographical
Categories-applications-internet-icon Why are the Chinese so afraid of Liu Xia bao? | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment

Categories-applications-internet-icon Chinese Dissenters Face Jail for 'State Secrets' Violations
Categories-applications-internet-icon Why is China so terrified of dissent? | World news | The Observer
Categories-applications-internet-icon Asia Times Online :: China News, China Business News, Taiwan and Hong Kong News and Business.
Categories-applications-internet-icon BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | China's intolerance of dissent

Categories-applications-internet-icon From jail, Gome’s Huang resists | beyondbrics |

Categories-applications-internet-icon Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
Categories-applications-internet-icon RAWA News
Categories-applications-internet-icon I Shall Not Hate: A Gaza Doctor's Journey on the Road to Peace and Human Dignity : Izzeldin Abuelaish : 9781408815625

Civil Disobedience:

Categories-applications-internet-icon Escape from the Land of Snows
Categories-applications-internet-icon Chinese Police destroying Larung Gar Monastery

Categories-applications-internet-icon The World's Top Dissidents: Aung San Suu Kyi, the Dalai Lama, and more | Foreign Policy
Categories-applications-internet-icon The List | Foreign Policy
Categories-applications-internet-icon Transparency International

wikipedia-icon Lester B. Pearson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Categories-applications-internet-icon Lester Bowles Pearson - Biography
Categories-applications-internet-icon Solaris Project - Human Trafficking
Categories-applications-internet-icon RFE/RL's RSS Feeds

Categories-applications-internet-icon The Language of Human Rights | Arcadia Foundation
Categories-applications-internet-icon Democracy Digest
Categories-applications-internet-icon The Arcadia Foundation - A non-profit organization established to promote democracy and combat corruption in governments worldwide.
Categories-applications-internet-icon Study Links Holocaust to Low GDP | Business | The Moscow Times
Categories-applications-internet-icon Reporters Sans Frontières
Categories-applications-internet-icon IFEX
Categories-applications-internet-icon Journalism Network
Categories-applications-internet-icon Repression : The Other Russia
Categories-applications-internet-icon Women & Gender on afrol News
Categories-applications-internet-icon No. 728: Death of Lavoisier
Categories-applications-internet-icon WorldNews RSS Network