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YouTube-icon 2432 Countries with the worst human rights records (Russia, which is considered a wealthy, white European country should not be on this list).

Categories-applications-internet-iconGenocide Watch
Categories-applications-internet-iconNatural disasters and extreme weather | World news | The Guardian

Categories-applications-internet-iconGlobal Conflict Tracker
Categories-applications-internet-iconHuman Trafficking Facts | Sex Slavery and Trafficking | Soroptimist
Categories-applications-internet-iconForced labour, human trafficking and slavery (Forced labour, human trafficking and slavery)
Categories-applications-internet-iconRefugees and IDPs
Categories-applications-internet-iconUnrepresented Nations and Peoples' Organization
Categories-applications-internet-iconWorldwide Missing People
Categories-applications-internet-iconLost Pets International
Categories-applications-internet-iconInternational Missing Pet Recovery Mobile Network – FindLost24
Categories-applications-internet-iconPetLynx - The SuperNET for Pets and People
Categories-applications-internet-iconThe following, ACTU Animaux - Urgences is an animal charity which requires you to click five times on a red dot to help an animal. The list of animals here urgently need your help

Categories-applications-internet-iconAll About Steve Jobs

Apple-grey-icon Apple design chief Jonathan Ive
Apple-grey-icon Jonathan Ive 

Categories-applications-internet-iconAn article by Janet Daley, ("As the EU undermines Ireland over Apple and tax, Britain is in the right place to benefit") on the EU's foolish decision to sue Apple. Apple is more ethical than many other companies. I'm convinced this money will finally find itself in the personal bank accounts of the useless elite.

Apple-grey-icon Pure Mac: Home & Education

Categories-applications-internet-icon Techrights

OSX help:

Apple-grey-icon Apple TV - Watch HD Movies & TV Shows from iTunes - Apple Store (Canada)
Apple-grey-icon Apple Open Source - Releases
Categories-applications-internet-icon Browser:OmniWeb

Solar Juicz Power,recharge, Apples Macs:


book-open-icon Books - App Store Downloads on iTunes
Apple-grey-icon MacUpdate
Categories-applications-internet-icon Oxford English Dictionary CD ROM

Apple-grey-icon Apple - Support - Discussions - Forum Home

Apple-grey-icon - Mac OS X Order Form

Apple-grey-icon Cult of Mac | The Mac, the iPod, the iPhone - and the people who love them
Categories-applications-internet-icon Macgamestore: Mac Games, Hardware, and More
Categories-applications-internet-icon Free Mac Games Downloads
Apple-grey-icon Pure Mac: Screen Savers - Software for Macintosh
Apple-grey-icon Apple - Games - Getting Started - Demos
Categories-applications-internet-icon The Amazing Brain Train | Games | Mac|Life | Mac|Life
Apple-grey-icon Free Mac Software Downloads - Mac OS X 

Apple-grey-icon ATMAC (for Apple users with disabilities)

Apple-grey-icon iPhone/iPod Touch: The Ultimate E-book Reader | ATMac

Categories-applications-internet-icon macintosh development, open source development
Categories-applications-internet-icon iPhone Development Classes - About Objects
Categories-applications-internet-icon Apple's reuse and recycling program
book-open-icon iBooks for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
Categories-applications-internet-icon All things iPod, iPhone, iPad and Beyond | iLounge
Apple-grey-icon Cult of Mac | The Mac, the iPod, the iPhone - and the people who love them
Apple-grey-icon Apple - Support - Discussions - Forum Home

Categories-applications-internet-icon - Mac OS X Order Form

Apple-grey-icon Mac development | Web nation

Categories-applications-internet-icon Apple - Games - Getting Started - Demos
Apple-grey-icon MAC OS software
Categories-applications-internet-icon The Amazing Brain Train | Games | Mac|Life | Mac|Life
Apple-grey-icon Free Mac Software Downloads - Mac OS X Software from NCH Software
Categories-applications-internet-icon | The big directory for you

Apple-grey-icon Tuning Mac OS X Performance

Categories-applications-internet-icon The Tech Night Owl LIVE with Gene Steinberg — Your Ultimate Tech Radio Resource
Categories-applications-internet-icon The Tech Night Owl — Cutting-Edge Tech Commentary
Categories-applications-internet-icon Nisus Software - Word Processing for Mac
Categories-applications-internet-icon Home | Ambrosia Software, Inc.

Categories-applications-internet-icon Delicious-Monster
Categories-applications-internet-icon We are Realmac Software - About Us
Categories-applications-internet-icon Download File Juicer for Mac
Categories-applications-internet-icon RunRev - The World's Easiest Programming Language

Categories-applications-internet-icon Releasable Revolution
Categories-applications-internet-icon Sente: The Academic Reference Manager for Mac OS X

Categories-applications-internet-icon Bean: An OS X Word Processor
Categories-applications-internet-icon CodeWeavers delivers Compatibility for Mac and Linux. Your Windows Mac and Linux Crossover solution - CodeWeavers
Categories-applications-internet-icon Parallels - Run Windows on Mac OS X - with no rebooting!
Categories-applications-internet-icon VMWare
Categories-applications-internet-icon Kiss Boring Interfaces Goodbye With Apple's New Animated OS
Categories-applications-internet-icon Transmission
Apple-grey-icon Mac Cards - The Apple Collection
Categories-applications-internet-icon Spin Studio, LLC // Home

Categories-applications-internet-icon MacDock - Mac Based Web Hosting
Categories-applications-internet-icon Panic - Shockingly Good Mac Software.

Categories-applications-internet-icon MacTEK Training: Apple Authorized Training & Certification - Home

Categories-applications-internet-icon Syracuse.Net, Inc.
Apple-grey-icon MacConnect - Macintosh Webhosting, DSL, Colocation, and Internet Access
Apple-grey-icon Mac Broadband » Best Broadband Deals for Apple Macs. Includes reviews of broadband and Apple equipment.
Apple-grey-icon Apple Mac ADSL | Mac friendly ISP | Apple broadband
Apple-grey-icon | Apple Mac Internet Service Provider for 24Mbps ADSL Broadband, Mac web hosting, Mac email, phone packages and online backup ISP UK
Apple-grey-icon Mac online file backup, software & sync/Mozy for Mac
Categories-applications-internet-icon Shirt Pocket
Categories-applications-internet-icon iSobre
Apple-grey-icon Mac à Montréal | Your trusted Apple Specialists
Apple-grey-iconMac a l'Ecole

Apple-grey-icon MacDailyNews - Apple and Mac News - Welcome Home
Apple-grey-icon 9 to 5 Mac | Apple Intelligence

Categories-applications-internet-icon RAMJET Inc. - High Performance Mac Memory

Apple-grey-icon Apple - Apple TV

Categories-applications-internet-icon Real Player Converter to QuickTime Mac - convert realplayer video to quicktime video
Apple-grey-icon Best Mac Tools - Tools for Mac

Watch TV on your computer:
Categories-applications-internet-icon Boinx Software - BoinxTV - Overview
Categories-applications-internet-icon Slingbox Lets You Watch TV on Your Mac or Windows PC - Anywhere
Categories-applications-internet-icon Watch live online TV channels broadcasting on the Internet.
Categories-applications-internet-icon Eye On HDTV - The Best Apple Mac TV Tuner Cards For OS X
Categories-applications-internet-icon Open-source internet TV software for Mac OS X | MacNN
Categories-applications-internet-icon The Omni Group
Categories-applications-internet-icon OmniFocus for iPad - Products - The Omni Group
Categories-applications-internet-icon Boinx Software - Enjoy your Life.
Categories-applications-internet-icon Boinx Software Chronicles
Categories-applications-internet-icon Boinx Software - Download
Categories-applications-internet-icon Realmac Software
Categories-applications-internet-icon Best Macintosh Websites
Categories-applications-internet-icon Joe Workman
Categories-applications-internet-icon Quickertek (Mac external batteries, solar power, wifi)
Apple-grey-icon It's not just Apple

Categories-applications-internet-icon Creative Commons — Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 1.0 Generic
Categories-applications-internet-icon Creative Commons
Categories-applications-internet-icon Open Source
Categories-applications-internet-icon Mac OS Forge