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YouTube-icon 2432 Countries with the worst human rights records (Russia, which is considered a wealthy, white European country should not be on this list).

Categories-applications-internet-iconGenocide Watch
Categories-applications-internet-iconNatural disasters and extreme weather | World news | The Guardian

Categories-applications-internet-iconGlobal Conflict Tracker
Categories-applications-internet-iconHuman Trafficking Facts | Sex Slavery and Trafficking | Soroptimist
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6 World's Best Jokes (according to Hertfordshire U)
The following clips are from "I love Lucy" episodes;

Lucy does a commercial (our favo(u)rite part is at the beginning when she takes the first three spoonfuls):
Vitameatavegamin Rehearsal - YouTube
YouTube-icon 24

Here, Lucy and her friend Ethel try to hold down a job; this is their last chance:
YouTube-icon 24 tp://

Grape stomping Lucy

YouTube-icon 24

We love this clip from Mel Brooks' "Blazing Saddles"; he pokes fun at racists portraying them as the stupid people they are....and they are everywhere in every race, class, creed and country.  Here the racists are small town white Americans who are about to discover that their new sheriff is black.
Do not watch if you don't want to hear the "N" word spoken by a caucasian; also someone shoots a book which represents the Bible. 
YouTube - the new sheriff scene from blazing saddles
YouTube-icon 24

YouTube-icon 24 "Cuban Pete" Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball
Jerry Lewis as Carmen Miranda:
YouTube-icon 24
Jerry Lewis (typing sketch):
YouTube - Jerry Lewis - Dean Martin Colgate Comedy Hour Clip 15 of 19
YouTube-icon 24
YouTube-icon 24 Not the Nine O’Clock News - Zak the Alien

Clips from Monty Python:
Upper Class Twit of the Year (Monty Python mocking the upper class):

YouTube-icon 24
Silly Olympics
YouTube-icon 24
YouTube-icon 24 Monty Python: Greek v German Philosopher’s football

YouTube - Monty Python - Stolen Newsreader
YouTube-icon 24
YouTube-icon 24 THE GOODIES - more British comedy in the 1970's
YouTube - French & Saunders Begging For It
YouTube-icon 24
YouTube-icon 24 Youtube - French and Saunders Dirty Old Men

YouTube-icon 24 French and Saunders - texting teenager

YouTube-icon 24 French and Saunders cat food commercial

If you liked the music of "Saturday Night  Fever" here is Kenny Everett's Do-it-Yourself Bee Gees kit:
YouTube - The Do-It-Yourself Bee Gees Kit
YouTube-icon 24

YouTube-icon 24 Woody Allen and William Buckley

Danny Kaye in the Court Jester being hypnotized:

YouTube-icon 24
YouTube-icon 24 Danny Kaye in the "Court Jester" being knighted

and the swordfight:

YouTube - Kaye Fight Scene
YouTube-icon 24

The following is 18+ :
YouTube - Dom Deluise - Sherlock Holmes Smarter Brother
YouTube-icon 24
YouTube - Dom Deluise, Gene Wilder and Marty Feldman
YouTube-icon 24

These are so funny...  if you like medieval history these are great
(You can buy them on iTunes “The Best of British TV”) :
YouTube-icon 24 Black Adder Season I

YouTube-icon 24 Blackadder  (various episodes)

The following we saw on “Countdown with Keith Olbermann”: YouTube - This lawyer is the best! Flip the bird
YouTube-icon 24
Also on “Countdown with Keith Olbermann”:
YouTube - Oddball - Ticketed Driver Runs Over Cop Car
YouTube-icon 24
YouTube - Car Parking Egyptian Invention
YouTube-icon 24
Marie Millard: Michelangelo's David

YouTube-icon 24 Sumo Wrestlers’sprint race 
On Keith Olbermann:
Countdown (Oddball): 
YouTube-icon 24 Oddball Episodes

Since Steve Jobs passed away there has been a lot of Apple bashing; I honestly don't think this would have happened to such an extent had Jobs been around….

Hitler on Ice: YouTube - Hitler On Ice

YouTube-icon 24
YouTube - Adolf Ballmer
YouTube-icon 24
YouTube - Windows Swastika (The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as being potentially inappropriate. Viewer discretion is advised.) - the content is only inappropriate for Microsoft
YouTube-icon 24
YouTube - Microsoft Propaganda Film
YouTube-icon 24

Top Ten Reasons to Panic about Vladimir Putin | Points in Case

Gossip Cop: Policing Hollywood and Celebrity News
Categories-applications-internet-icon Wife Carrying Championships
Wife carrying - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Categories-applications-internet-icon Cross Country Ski Competition Fail

 Zagat Guide to American Militias 2010 (Bill Maher): 
YouTube-icon 24

Categories-applications-internet-icon | The Funniest pet videos and more!

YouTube-icon 24 Frostie Dancing To Shake Your Tail Feather! ©Karla K. Larsson - YouTube

When top level guys look down, they see only shit; When bottom level guys look up, they see only assholes...


Great Romans:

Categories-applications-internet-icon Judge Judy and eBay scammer