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YouTube-icon 2432 Countries with the worst human rights records (Russia, which is considered a wealthy, white European country should not be on this list).

Categories-applications-internet-iconGenocide Watch
Categories-applications-internet-iconNatural disasters and extreme weather | World news | The Guardian

Categories-applications-internet-iconGlobal Conflict Tracker
Categories-applications-internet-iconHuman Trafficking Facts | Sex Slavery and Trafficking | Soroptimist
Categories-applications-internet-iconForced labour, human trafficking and slavery (Forced labour, human trafficking and slavery)
Categories-applications-internet-iconRefugees and IDPs
Categories-applications-internet-iconUnrepresented Nations and Peoples' Organization
Categories-applications-internet-iconWorldwide Missing People
Categories-applications-internet-iconLost Pets International
Categories-applications-internet-iconInternational Missing Pet Recovery Mobile Network – FindLost24
Categories-applications-internet-iconPetLynx - The SuperNET for Pets and People
Categories-applications-internet-iconThe following, ACTU Animaux - Urgences is an animal charity which requires you to click five times on a red dot to help an animal. The list of animals here urgently need your help

Categories-applications-internet-icon Today’s underrated stars - Meet John Heard
We feel John Heard is very talented and as fine an actor as Robert de Niro.  The fact he’s best known for the movie Home Alone is a great insult. 
It seems in Hollywood supporting actors are a relegation but there are many who are far better than A-list actors: for example the late British actor Denholm Elliott, a talented (supporting) actor, often stole the limelight; apparently Sir Lawrence Olivier didn't like appearing with him. It's not fair some A-list actors get more than they deserve. 

Unlike today's movies which I feel have too many special effects (they give me a headache), in this one you are more focused on the acting, which I think is superior;
The three movies (Cutter's Way, Chilly Scenes of Winter, and Between the Lines) are timeless. They should be remastered and shown in the theatres:

Categories-applications-internet-icon Cutter’s Way

youtube-icon-24-3Cutter's Way (1981) - YouTube - "It was in my driveway" (A drunk Alex Cutter/John Heard)

youtube-icon-24-3Lisa Eichhorn - Cutter's Way (With opening credits)
youtube-icon-24-3Cutter's Way - Spanish Days Fiesta
youtube-icon-24-3Cutter's Way - I'm Hungry

Dramatic clip from Cutters way with John Heard (Cutter) and Jeff Bridges (Bone); Cutter, a Vietnam war veteran both physically and psychologically traumatized, vents his feelings against the corrupt businessman who killed his long suffering wife (Lisa Eichhorn, another underrated actor):
youtube-icon-24-3 Cutter and Bone ¬ jeff bridges & john heard tour de force - YouTube


Categories-applications-internet-icon Chilly Scenes of Winter
Charles (Heard) is hopelessly in love with Laura (Hurt) who is separated and adores step-daughter. He already has quite lot to deal with, such as a friend (Riegert) living in his house rent-free and an eccentric mother (Gloria Grahame) who expects him to be available for her at all times. In the first clip Laura decides to go back to her husband; in the second he hopes to take up their relationship from where they left off. The first version of this movie (Head Over Heels) is closer to the book which has a happy ending. In this version Laura, sadly, decides not to continue with the relationship. I wish they had stuck to the book…

youtube-icon-24-3Chilly Scenes of Winter - part 5 of 8
youtube-icon-24-3Chilly Scenes of Winter - part 7 of 8

Categories-applications-internet-icon Between the Lines
youtube-icon-24-3Between the Lines


youtube-icon-24-3Wish You Were Here (1987) - Emily Lloyd stars in this movie set during 1950s England. Bored with her life in a holiday resort, gets up to no good, can't hold down a job despite her family's efforts to find her employment, and is generally a very cheeky girl.
Sadly, Emily Lloyd has been battling depression for decades or so which is probably why we haven't seen her very much.

Categories-applications-internet-iconPia Degermark, a stunning beauty and tragically, after an auspicious start in the movies, she descended into drugs and crime, and for a while was homeless. The following is a clip from the movie Elvira Madigan:
youtube-icon-24-3Elvira Madigan - the Tragic Final Scene - YouTube

youtube-icon-24-3Krieg im Spiegel 1969 - in German - Pia Degermark among many great actors including Christopher Jones who dropped out too soon; also a younger Anthony Hopkins, already a great actor but wasn't noticed until Silence of the Lambs. Other actors: Susan George (Dirty Mary Crazy Larry 1974) and Anna Massey (Frenzy 1972), the great Ralph Richardson (Exodus 1960, Dr. Zhivago 1965, Khartoum 1966).

Categories-applications-internet-iconMichael Cimino - Heaven's Gate
A great movie which was a box office failure. Way over budget, it never got the merit it deserved until relatively lately;

Michael Cimino, dead at 77: how The Deer Hunter director's career was wrecked by his misunderstood masterpiece Heaven's Gate

youtube-icon-24-3Heaven's Gate trailer - YouTube

youtube-icon-24-3Final Cut - The Making and Unmaking of "Heaven's Gate" - YouTube

Categories-applications-internet-iconInterview with Finland's top film director Aki Kaurismaki

youtube-icon-24-3Aki Kaurismaki movie - Ariel (Greek Subtitles)
youtube-icon-24-3Aki Kaurismaki about Jean-Pierre Leaud (I Hired a Contract Killer)
youtube-icon-24-3I Hired a Contract Killer full movie, not good quality, no sound either…..

youtube-icon-24-3Rider on the Rain - Charles Bronson and Marlene Jobert (Eva Green's mother), also with Jill Ireland, Bronson's second wife. . It's the full movie in Italian. We saw this in English but it's a French movie titled "Le Passager de la Pluie"……
Part of
Rider on the Rain in English…

youtube-icon-24-3Clip from French director Claude Lelouch, "Another Man, Another Chance/Un autre homme, Une autre chance", with James Caan and Genevieve Bujold
Another clip with Genevieve Bujold

youtube-icon-24-3Hammersmith is Out (clip) Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Beau Bridges, and Peter Ustinov; this movie bombed but I love it…… another clip (Taylor, Bridges, Ustinov, Burton)


Categories-applications-internet-icon  Robert Redford announces U.K. version of Sundance Film Festival - The Globe and Mail
Categories-applications-internet-icon Sundance film festival | Film |

Om Kolthoum, venerated Egyptian singer: 

Categories-applications-internet-icon Luay K. Nakhleh
wikipedia-icon Umm Kulthum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Another singer with an extraordinary voice, Yma Sumac: 

Categories-applications-internet-icon - Yma Sumac Homepage
A large collection of Yma Sumac's work available here:
Categories-applications-internet-icon GEMM: The World's Largest Marketplace
wikipedia-icon Yma Sumac - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Information on Jenny Lind, 19th century Swedish singer:

wikipedia-icon Jenny Lind - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Categories-applications-internet-icon Jenny Lind (1820-1887)